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Updates and management of your website was never easier.

Send us your e-shop or website update request.
According to extent and difficulty of the necessary actions, we will send you our price offer.
After your approval, you will charge up your account credit on our Marketing Zone.
Your request will be processed and internally tested, everything needs to work perfectly smooth before live implementation.
The finalized changes will be featured on your live website.
Step 1

Send us your request

Need to add or edit a new feature on your website? Is there a web hosting problem? Do you want a new sub-page, add more pictures or graphics? All you need to do is to submit your request and we are always ready to help you.

Step 2

Request Processing

Your request will be processed and we will prepare and design a solution. We will test it and based on difficulty we will set the price for your request. After your approval, we will proceed with the update’s implementation to go live on your website.

Step 3

Secure and without worry

After the implementation of the given solution, we will ask you for testing. Our Support on our Marketing Zone works fast and reliably, and that’s why our satisfied customers know what it is to not be worried.

Your requests
are transformed
to efficient solutions.


Content update

On your command, we will change your contact details, update the services you offer, change product prices and so on.

New Features

We will create a specific form, add an e-mail opt-in, implement payment gateway, blog, etc.

Regular Backups

In case your website content is important to your business, we recommend you to setup regular backups that will help you when necessary.

New Content Creation

In case you need to broaden your services, add new product to your offer or create any kind of sub-page as per your individual needs.

Problem solving

If there is any reason why your website or e-shop are not working, you are not receiving e-mails or your multimedia content does not display properly, etc.

Website Security

Do you want to avoid hacker attacks on your e-shop or website? We will setup advanced security measures that will protect your online business.

The work on a quality website
does not end by its launch,
it still requires maintenance
and regular updates.

Professional maintenance is mandatory for uninterrupted run time of your online system. All you need to do is to place your request and we will take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

your query.


Jozef Blaščák

Co-Founder & CTO

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