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marius pedersen

The Client

Marius Pedersen, a.s., offers waste management services, road maintenance and greenery care for more than 1 000 000 Slovak citizens.

The Assignment

The main goal was to redesign the already aging website to a newer more responsive system, while the focus was maintained on clear website structure presenting more than 90 pages of content to a large target audience.


The system was built on a clear content structure which is divided into primary categories and interlinked with functional CTA elements. Its part are also expansive waste disposal schedule maps. The updates are partially covered by a blogging platform.


Subpage of each premise contains basic description, service offering, opening hours, gallery, news and important contact details. In addition to the rest, fast navigation has also been added to each premise website.

marius pedersen

Business Map

On the business map, you will be able to find all the addresses as well as each necessary contact. Its part is also a search bar and a filter that is county-divided

marius pedersen

Content subpages

Each subpage are categorized and interlinked by large buttons to make sure you do not miss out on any detail. Due to large target audience we have opted for easily readable large font.

marius pedersen


All services are specifically interlinked by large buttons and supplemented with photographs. We’ll guide the visitor intuitively to what they look for.

marius pedersen

Disposal Schedule

The system is enhanced with expansive town map where Marius Pedersen, a.s. operates. The map is also updated with a search bar thanks to which you can swiftly find the desired place you are looking for.

marius pedersen
marius pedersen website

Mobile Version

The website is responsive and optimized for mobile devices. No matter if you are looking for contact details for one of the premise or you need to have an overview on the services offered, you will be able to find all of it using your mobile device anytime.

marius pesersen tablet

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