01 | Web Design and E-shop creation

A well designed website is the foundation of future success.

You are only five steps away from your new web site.

We’ll arrange a meeting and with a cup of coffee in hand, we’ll discuss your ideas and offer you all the options suitable for your company.
We’ll design a viable concept for your project the way which would cover all of your needs, along this we will also send you our price offer.
On our second meeting you will be introduced further to our team and we’ll discuss the materials necessary for your new website creation.
We’ll lay down the structure and design of your new website. Afterwards we will invite you for a meeting where we will show you what we have made as per your requests.
We will launch your new website, optimize speed, setup analytics and arrange a meeting related to online marketing offer.

Arrange a meeting

Are you in need of a quality website and not sure how orientate in all the offers, prices, online marketing possibilities, web design and e-shop creation? Visit us and discuss your needs with us, we will advise you a suitable solution.

Arrange a meeting

Step 1

First personal meeting with us

At our first meeting, you will introduce us your company, project, product and service offerings. You will explain each detail particularly. On the other hand, we will provide you with feedback and show you what a quality website is composed of, show you how online marketing functions and recommend you a direction which you should take.

Step 2

Offer and price calculation

Based on your request, we will recommend you either a simplified website, a bit more creative one, catalog sales system or an e-shop. If you would require a blog, we will explain how to use it to your advantage. We will also work out a price offer for you and after your confirmation, we will begin with the creation of your chosen product.

Step 3

Proceeding with the website creation

At our second personal meeting, a.k.a. “kick-off meeting”, we will introduce you to the rest of our team a bit closer and discuss your ideas and requests for your new website in more detail. After the meeting, we will write down a full list of materials and documents that we will need from you, this includes pictures, videos and texts.

Step 4

A tailor-made website

Before the creation itself, we’ll perform a market research and analysis of your online competition. Afterwards we will use the materials given to create tailor-made graphic and web design. We will create desired sales structure of your website. After we are done, we will invite you for another meeting at which we will present you the created product. The full Marketing Art team is gradually engaged in the designing process.

Step 5

Project Handover

After implementing all of your suggestion, we will finalize and test the functionality of your brand new website and we are ready to move the project into its production version where we additionally tune and optimize the website’s speed and setup Google analytics.

Online Marketing Meeting

After the website or e-shop handover we like to arrange additional meeting related to online marketing services offer and to create a long term marketing strategy which we will assist you to realize step by step.

We do not only create appealing design,
our web sites cover
each important aspect
to be successful on the internet.


Sales Structure

The content structure is created the way that is manageable for our visitors to find what they need and call whether they were able to purchase what they needed.

Design and Functionality

Design is tailor-made so it fits and looks professionally made. The functionality is also adjusted as per our customer’s request.

Responsive Design

Mobile, tablet, notebook, projector, PC. Your website will be optimized for every device.

No monthly fees

After handing over the finalized website, you do not pay us any monthly fees. You are the sole owner of your e-shop or website.

SEO Optimization

Everyone would like to appear on top of Google’s search results. Thanks to SEO optimization, your potential clients will have an easy time finding you on the internet.

Support Center

In case of need, we can implement a new function, add additional content, make adjustments, backups and make sure about your website’s security.

Professionally made website
profits our clients.

We need to know how your company woks. What products and services you offer and why would potential customers order your services or products. Our goal is to design a website that will attract new customers. It’s simple, all you need to do is to come and have a chat with us.

a meeting.


Ing. Mário Blaščák

Co-Founder & CEO

You can arrange meeting via phone at +421 911 580 950 or via e-mail at

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