03 | Graphics and Corporate Identity

It all begins with quality corporate identity.

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At our personal meeting, you will tell us your ideas and together we will discuss the design or redesign of your logo, company colors, fonts and other elements of corporate identity. You will show us what you like, what represents you and what direction we should take to present you graphically.

Arrange a meeting

Step 1

Corporate identity and logo design

From your materials and requests, we will design tailored graphic sketches which we modify further after our follow-up discussion. The level and volume of execution is dependent from your individual requests as well as based on your budget allocated for corporate identity creation.

Step 2

Finalized product handover

After your approval of the final corporate identity visuals, we will create your logo manual, design business cards, heading paper or additional printed papers and promotion articles. The final graphic design will be handed over in different formats ready for further use.

Representative logo
or coherent visual form
of your brand?


Logo Design

We will draft three different logo designs, together with you we will choose the best variation and finalize the form for use.

Printed Papers

We will create graphic designs for each necessary printed papers, such as business cards, heading papers, envelopes and more.

Logo Manual

Serves as a baseline information source for additional logo usage. You will find other logo variants, color variants, allowed colored backgrounds.

Promotion Materials

Important part of your brand’s presentation are various promotion articles such as pens, t-shirts, stickers, flags and so on.

Well-made corporate identity
tells the story without
unnecessary words.

Your corporate identity should make you different from the competition. Hours of your hard work can be expressed with a single logo or business card. We know how to achieve this, all you need to do is stop by and have a talk with us.

a meeting


Ing. Mário Blaščák

Co-Founder & CEO

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