Graphics and corporate identity

Everything starts with a premium corporate identity.

In our personal meeting, you will unveil your ideas and we will discuss the creation or redesign of your logo. You will show us what you like and what direction shall we take when creating it. Information about your company (or This information) will help us choose the corporate colours, fonts and other corporate identity elements.

In our first meeting, we will listen to your ideas and requirements, to base our designing on.

The logo and corporate identity will set the direction of your company’s visual communication through online and offline communication channels in the upcoming years. In the first meeting, we will listen to your ideas and requirements, to the focus and direction you want your company to take. This information will help us later to create your brand.

Based on the information received, we will make 3 individual logo designs.

Based on your materials and requirements, we will make 3 tailor-made graphic designs that will be further refined upon mutual discussion. The level and extent of processing depends on your individual requirements as well as on the budget agreed for the corporate identity creation.

After approving the final logo version, we will get on with creating other marketing materials.

When your requirements are implemented and final version of the corporate identity visual approved, we will process the logo manual for you, design the business cards, headed paper or other communication prints and promotional items.

You will receive the resulting graphics in different formats for simple further use.

We will also send you the logo in different colour versions, implemented in the logo manual, along with the correct use and edit of the business cards, headed paper and other promotional materials.


Representative logo or well-knit visual form of your brand?

Logo creation

We will create three different graphic logo designs; choose the best variant with you that will be refined in its final shape.

Communication prints

We will create the graphic designs for your communication prints such as business cards, headed paper, envelopes and other as agreed.

Logo manual

This serves as the basic information source for correct logo use. What you can find there are different logo variants, colour scheme, admissible colour backgrounds, etc.

Promotional items

Various promotional items such as pens, T-shirts, stickers, flags and the like form a significant part of your brand presentation.

The corporate identity is supposed to make you different from your competitors. The hours of your hard and honest work can be represented in a single logo or business card. We know how to do it, all you need is talk to us.

Corporate identity should be simple, memorable and should portray the nature of the company. We will be happy to create one for you as well.

Dominika Slobodová
Graphic designer
Dominika Slobodová

A well made corporate identity will tell your story without excessive words.