Website and E-shop Creation

A high-quality website is the key to your success.

Do you need a good website and are lost in the vast sea of companies, prices and options of online marketing, website and e-shop design? Visit us to discuss your requirements. We can advise you and suggest the right solution.

We will make an appointment and discuss your ideas having a nice cup of coffee, offering possibilities suitable for your company.

At our first meeting, you can introduce us to your company, project, your offer of products and services. You will explain your way of working. We will present you what a good quality website is made of, show you how online marketing works and recommend you the direction to take.

We will prepare an appropriate concept for your project to cover all your requirements and subsequently send you a price offer.

Based on your requirements, we can recommend either a simple or a creative website, catalogue sales system or e-shop. If you need a blog, we will explain how to make the most of it. We will also process the price quotation and after your approval start creating.

On the second meeting, you will get to know our team better and we will talk about the materials needed to create your new website.

On the second meeting in person, the so called kickoff meeting, you will get to know our team better and together we will discuss your specific ideas and requirements for your new website. After the meeting, we will make up the complete list of materials we would need to create the website, such as photographs, videos and texts.

We will create the structure and design of your new website. Afterwards, we will invite you to the meeting where we will present you our solution.

Prior to the creation itself, we will carry out market research and analyses of your online competitors. Subsequently, we will process your materials, suggest the right website selling structure, design the graphics and appearance. When we are ready, we will invite you to the meeting to present you our solution. The whole Marketing Art team is involved in the creation step by step.

We will launch your new website, optimise its speed, set up the analytics and make an appointment regarding the online marketing offer.

After implementing all your comments, we will finally check and test the functionality of your new website and we are ready to go live, additionally optimising the speed and set-up of the Google analytics.

We will discuss your requirements; recommend a suitable online marketing strategy to increase the trustworthiness of your company, branding support, obtaining high quality targeted traffic which brings increased sales.

After handing over a website or e-shop, we always make an appointment with the client regarding the online marketing services, setting up the long-term marketing strategy, which we then implement together step by step.


Our websites meet all the requirements to succeed on the Internet.

Sales structure

We will create the structure to ensure that your visitor gets all the information needed and subsequently called you or purchased from you.

Design and functionality

We create the design to measure, to make sure the work made professional impression. The functionality is also processed according to your requirements.

Responsive design

Mobile phone, tablet, notebook, projector, PC. Your website will be optimised for all commonly used devices.

No monthly fees

After handover of your website, we no longer charge any fees. The e-shop or website is fully in your ownership.

SEO optimisation

Everyone would like to appear on the first Google page. Thanks to the SEO optimisation, your prospects will find you easily and quickly.

Support centre

If needed, we can create a new functionality, amend the content, make modifications and take care of your website’s security.

We need you to tell us how your company works. What products, services do you offer and why people should order or buy from you. It is our task to create a website that would bring you new customers. It is simple. All you need to do is talk to us.

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Website is the place of first contact with customers for every company. If you want to make a good impression, invest in a high quality and professional website.

Mário Marketing Art
Co-Founder & CEO
Ing. Mário Blaščák

A professionally designed website increases the company’s trustworthiness in the eyes of the customer.