Online marketing a marketing strategy

We design the marketing strategy we will then implement together.

Are you considering Facebook, Google ads or e-mail campaigns and cannot choose from the extensive offer of companies? Make an appointment with us. You will introduce us to your business and we will jointly design your online marketing strategy to be implemented step by step.

We will make an appointment and discuss your ideas having a nice cup of coffee, offering possibilities suitable for your company.

You will introduce us to your company and explain how it works in real life. We will show you opportunities available in the online world, explain you the targeting options, show you how analytics works and propose the specific marketing strategy.

We will recommend you the suitable information channels for your business and suggest the initial budget.

Based on the personal meeting, we will recommend you the suitable marketing channel (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, e-mail marketing and other) and suggest the initial budget as well as set up the long-term marketing strategy. After your approval, we can get on the job.

We will set up the advertising systems, analytical software and launch the online campaigns.

We will ask you for sufficient information and start working on the campaign. We will open the necessary accounts, create the advertising sets, custom-design the graphics, set up the advertising systems and analytical software and launch the online advertising.

We will optimise the system to increase efficiency based on the data actually obtained.

Based on the data obtained from the launched campaigns, analysis and optimisation of the particular marketing system is carried out. We work with data actually obtained from real users. We go through both strong and weak sales periods, discuss and search for new options together.


Do you need results?
Make sure your digital advertising is done efficiently.

Marketing strategies

Long-term marketing strategy is the basis for future success. Everything starts with ideas we will make come true together.

Facebook (social networks)

We know how to use social networks in your favour. The right photos, videos, texts and all of a sudden, you have your shop full of people or phones busy.

Google ads

When looking for something on the web, everyone uses a search engine. Active Google ads are the basic need for every company.

E-mail marketing

We are easily able to inform all your clients about your business’ news, hot offer, special sales or discounts.

There are immense opportunities in online advertising. We will address your target audience based on gender, location or interests. A lot of entrepreneurs have no idea how online marketing works, what advantages and options for targeting ads are available. We will show you everything and explain it on real life examples. It is simple. All you need to do is talk to us.

If you want to make your brand more visible, you’re in the right place. It would be a mistake not to make full use of the Internet marketing potential. Why? Because it works!

Mário Marketing Art
Co-Founder & CEO
Ing. Mário Blaščák

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