02 | Online Marketing

We will design a marketing strategy that we will realize together.

Present us with your requests and we will find your online solutions.

We’ll arrange a meeting and with a cup of coffee in hand, we’ll discuss all the options suitable for your company.
We’ll recommend a suitable information channel and propose initial budget.
We will setup the advertisement systems, analytical software and launch online campaigns.
System optimization for increased efficiency based on live obtained data.

Arrange a meeting

Are you thinking about Facebook or Google ads or e-mail campaigns and you are uncertain at which offer to choose? Arrange a meeting with us. You will show us your business and together we will come up with an online marketing strategy which we will realize step by step together.

Arrange a meeting

Step 1

Your first meeting with us

You will introduce your company to us and explain how your business works in the real world. Afterwards, we will show you all the possibilities you have in the online world and explain you the options of targeting and show you how the analytics work, of course the result of this meeting would be a proposal of certain marketing strategy.

Step 2

Strategy budget and design

Based on our personal meeting, you will be proposed a suitable marketing channel (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, e-mail marketing and others) and we will also lay down the budget requirements as well as give you a long term marketing strategy. After your approval, we will jump right into it and create the strategy for you.

Step 3

Campaign preparation and its launch.

You will provide is with necessary information and we will start our work on the campaign. We will manage all the necessary accounts, create ad sets, tailor a suitable graphic design, setup ad systems and analytical software as well as launch online ads.

Step 4

Analysis and optimization

Based on the data obtained from already launched campaigns, we will launch analysis of a concrete marketing system. Our datasets come from real data from existing users. We always go through both strong and weak sales periods and together look for new options and solutions.

Need real results?
Digital ads
are the way.


Marketing Strategies

Long-term marketing strategy is the basis of your future success. It all begins with ideas that we bring to life together.

Facebook (social networks)

We have the knowledge how to use social networks for your advantage. Photographs, videos, suitable texts and all of sudden you have new customers on the phone or at your store.

Google ads

Everyone uses a browser when they search for something on the internet. Having an active google ad is very basic necessity for each company.

E-mail marketing

Company news, actual offer, special offers, discounts, we can easily accommodate and inform all your clients.

If you are interested
in earning new clients,
you need to be easily
visible on the internet.

There are great opportunities in online advertising. We can reach out to the desired audience filtered by gender, location or their interests. Many businessmen do not know about how online marketing works and what are its benefits and options of targeted advertisement. We will show you everything and explain everything on live examples. It’s really simple, just come and pay us a visit.

a meeting


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Co-Founder & CEO

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