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The place where we are happy to find solutions to your requirements.

Do you need to create a new or modify an existing functionality of your website? Are there any issues with hosting? Do you need to create a new subpage, add photos or graphics? All you need to do is send us your specific request and we are always ready to help.

Send us your request for update or modification of the content, your website or e-shop functionalities.

Do you need to add information to your website? Do you want to add new functionalities? Our support team is here for you. All you need to do is send an e-mail to or visit our Marketing Zone and let us know your request in detail.

According to the extent and complexity of the actions needed, we will send you the price offer for the tested and functional solution of your request by return.

We will thoroughly analyse your request and propose a suitable solution. We will estimate the time needed for implementation, based on which we will send you our detailed price offer.

After your approval, you will top up the necessary credit on your account in our Marketing Zone and we will operatively start processing your requests.

If you are satisfied with our proposed solution and the price offer, there is nothing in the way and we can start working on your requests. When finished, we will inform you and you will be able to check the result.

The finished, functional and tested solution will be made accessible to the visitors on your live website. We provide guarantee for every solution.

If you are satisfied with our work, we will make all the modifications accessible to your website or e-shop visitors. This way, we will always make sure that your website was up-to-date and functioning at all time.


We will transform
your requests
to functional solutions.

Content update

On request, we will change your contact details, update your service offer, modify the product prices, etc.

New functionalities

We will create a special form, add the e-mail collector, implement a payment gateway, blogging system, etc.

Regular backups

If you have content on your website which is important for your business, we recommend setting up regular backups that will help you in case of emergency.

New content creation

If you need to extend your services portfolio, add a new product to your offer or create any subpage according to individual requirements.


If your website or e-shop is not working properly for some reason, you are not receiving e-mails, the multimedia content is not displaying, etc.

Website security

Do you want to prevent hacker attacks to your website or e-shop? We will set up advanced security elements to protect your online business.

However, to keep your online system running steadily, professional servicing is necessary. Working on a top quality website does not end with its launch, it requires maintenance and regular updates. All you need to do is file a request and we will take good care of you. It really is very simple.

An up-to-date and functioning website is the basis for your success in the world of Internet.

Jozef Blaščák
Co-Founder & CTO
Jozef Blaščák

Professionally designed website will increase your trustworthiness and bring you new clients.