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The client

Minilove is an internet shop full of lovely toys to bring joy not only to children but their parents as well.


The goal was to create a simple and clear-cut internet store that will reflect enjoyment of the time spent playing together.

referencia Minilove
referencia Minilove

Mobile e-shop version

The website is fully responsive and optimised for mobile devices. You can buy toys for children comfortably while sipping on your latté in a café or anywhere else where you have Internet connection.

Facebook campaigns

The client entrusted us with the setting and administration of their Facebook profile and advertising campaigns. 71% visitors arrive to the websites thanks to correctly targeted campaigns.

referencia Minilove

More than half of the e-shop visitor traffic arrives from mobile devices. An optimised and responsive website makes purchase easy for visitors anywhere with Internet connection. The solution provides online payments and different shipping methods. In order to increase the traffic and support the sale, we chose active Facebooku and PPC Google Adwords campaigns.

Many small and medium companies in our country do not use online marketing at all, losing a great deal of profits. That is why the Marketing Art online marketing agency originated.

adrián wengrín
Co-Founder & CPO
Ing. Adrian Wengrín

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