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The client

The S-BIKES electrobike brand is new to the Slovak market, bringing electrobikes for everyone, for different kinds and purposes of use. What they offer their clients is high quality, perfect design, and elaborate detail, under conditions available to anyone.


Our task was to create a clear-cut and fully functional internet shop to decently represent the quality, versatility and practicality of the S-BIKES electrobikes.

referencia Sbikes
referencia Sbikes
referencia Sbikes

Mobile e-shop version

The e-shop is fully responsive and optimised for mobile devices. On the go, you can read all the information about the electrobikes and company on your mobile phone.

Facebook campaigns

The client entrusted us with the setting and administration of their Facebook profile and advertising campaigns. 76% visitors arrive to the websites thanks to correctly targeted campaigns.

referencia S-bikes facebook

Thanks to the responsive website, the S-Bikes bike brand became one of the best known on the market. We have created a contemporary and clear-cut internet shop for the client, with an extensive product range everyone can choose from. After launching the web, the interest and awareness of electrobikes among customers increased almost immediately.

Did our services raise your interest?

The biggest challenge of this project was to present the S-Bikes electrobikes in a way highlighting their uniqueness, functionality and high quality workmanship. You can judge for yourself if we succeeded.

adrián wengrín
Co-Founder & CPO
Ing. Adrian Wengrín

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